The Countess of Davenport and her Guests 

Peers and their immediate families

in Order of Precedence

  • His Grace The Duke of Devonshire, Ainslie Heathton-Grey
    An enigmatic Duke – Rank 7 
  • The Most Honble. The Marquess of Chatsworth, Edgar Naismith Rycroft
    A contemptuous Marquess; also known as “Lord Chatsworth” – Rank 7 
  • The Right Honble. The Countess of Davenport, Elinor Davenport
    The hostess of the weekend and a pillar of society; also known as “Lady Davenport”– Rank 7 
  • The Right Honble. The Earl of Glover, Jeremy Glover
    The famous poet; also known as “Lord Glover” – Rank 7 
  • The Right Honble. The Comtesse de Lalande, Evelyn Descartes 
    The refined widow of the Comte de Lalande; also known as “Madame de Lalande” – Rank 6 
  • The Lord Collin Davenport 
    The stoic grandson of Lady Davenport; future Earl of Davenport – Rank 6
  • The Right Honble. The Viscountess Priestly, Francesca Priestly 
    The fashionable wife of The Viscount Priestly; also known as “Lady Priestly” – Rank 6


  • The Right Honble. Lord Montague, Nathaniel Montague 
    A brooding and enigmatic baron, father of Miss Lily Montague; Cousin to Lady von Breckendorff – Rank 7
  • Miss Lily Montague 
    The peculiar daughter of Lord Montague  – Rank 
  • The Right Honble. Lady von Breckendorff, Katarina von Breckendorf 
    The intriguing wife of the Russian ambassador, Baron von Breckendorff; also known as “Baroness von Breckendorff”; Cousin to Lord Montague – Rank 6
  • The Lady Mary Davenport
    The shy granddaughter of Lady Davenport; sister of Lord Collin Davenport – Rank 5
  • Mr. Arthur Pembroke
    The aloof eldest son of a Viscount; husband of Mrs. Pippa Pembroke; older brother of Mr. Jos Pembroke – Rank 5
  • Mrs. Pippa Pembroke
    The headstrong wife of Mr. Pembroke; daughter of Sir Miles Cross – Rank 4
  • Mr. Joseph “Jos” Pembroke
    The younger fanciful son of a Viscount; younger brother of Mr. Pembroke – Rank 4

Baronets, knights, and their immediate families

in Order of Precedence

  • Sir Rawdon Nash
    A rustic baronet, recently inherited – Rank 4
  • Lady Margaret Nash
    The shrewd widow of Sir Grover Nash, baronet; mother of Miss Elizabeth Nash – Rank 5
  • Sir Miles Cross
    A knight and wealthy industrialist; father of Mrs. Pippa Pembroke and Miss Bridget Cross – Rank 5
  • Sir Lucian St. John Smith 
    A clever knight – Rank 4

  • Miss Elizabeth Nash
    The free-spirited daughter of Lady Margaret Nash – Rank 4
  • Mr. Thomas Cross 
    The hapless son of Sir Miles Cross – Rank 3
  • Miss Bridget Cross
    The meek daughter of Sir Miles Cross, sister of Mrs. Pippa Pembroke  – Rank 3

Gentlemen and their immediate families 

in alphabetical order by surname

  • Miss Violet Carroway
    The artistic sister of Mrs. Camille Grey – Rank 3
  • Miss Patience Crane 
    The gentle younger sister of Mrs. Esther Lewis – Rank 2
  • Lt. Jack Foxsmith
    A rakish officer in the Army – Rank 3
  • Mrs. Camille Grey
    The ambitious sister of Miss Violet Carroway – Rank 3
  • Mr. Timothy Harrington
    The dandified brother of Miss Eliza Harrington; recently returned from India – Rank 3
  • Miss Eliza Harrington
    The sweet sister of Mr. Timothy Harrington – Rank 3
  • Reverend Robert Lewis 
    An ambitious clergyman; brother-in-law to Mrs. Esther Lewis – Rank 3
  • Mrs. Esther Lewis
    A tenacious widow; elder sister to Miss Patience Crane; sister-in-law to Reverend Lewis – Rank 3
  • Mr. Robert Middleton
    The scholarly husband of Mrs. Ruth Middleton; father of the five Middleton girls  – Rank 3
  • Mrs. Ruth Middleton
    The excitable wife of Mr. Robert Middleton; mother to the five Middleton girls – Rank 3
  • Miss Laura Middleton 
    The eldest, quietest Middleton girl – Rank 2
  • Miss Victoria Middleton
    The second eldest and most headstrong of the five Middleton girls – Rank 2
  • Miss Anne Middleton
    The intense middle daughter of the five Middleton girls – Rank 2
  • Miss Alice Middleton
    The sweet, second youngest of the five Middleton girls – Rank 2
  • Miss Phoebe Middleton
    The precocious youngest of the five Middleton girls – Rank 2
  • Colonel Charles Montgomery 
    A contemplative former officer of the Royal Marines – Rank 5
  • Mrs. Edwina Murray 
    The dramatic mother of Miss Amelia Murray – Rank 5
  • Miss Amelia Murray 
    The match-making daughter of Mrs. Edwina Murray – Rank 4

  • Major James Osbourne 
    An honourable officer in the Army – Rank 4
  • Mr. John Radcliffe
    The busybody husband of Mrs. Whitney Radcliffe, uncle to Major Laurie Radcliffe – Rank 5
  • Mrs. Whitney Radcliffe 
    The busybody wife of Mr. John Radcliffe; aunt to Major Lawrence Radcliffe – Rank 4
  • Major Lawrence “Laurie” Radcliffe
    The rakish nephew of Mr. and Mrs. Radcliffe, cousin of Miss Rebecca Radcliffe – Rank 4
  • Miss Rebecca Radcliffe 
    An enigmatic spinster and cousin to Major Lawrence Radcliffe – Rank 4
  • Miss Hester Sharpe 
    A harsh spinster; aunt of Miss Adrianne Sharpe – Rank 3
  • Miss Adrianne Sharpe 
    The spoiled niece of Miss Hester Sharpe; orphaned and recently arrived from India – Rank 4
  • Lt. David Spencer
    The dashing brother of Miss Gwendolin Spencer – Rank 4
  • Miss Gwendolin Spencer
    The incomparable of the season; sister of Lt. David Spencer – Rank 4
  • Captain Montgomery “MontySwift 
    A retired sea captain – Rank 3
  • Captain Barnabas Thompson 
    The bold younger brother of Miss Georgiana Thompson; heir to the Kingston Trading Company out of the Jamaica Colonies – Rank 5
  • Miss Georgiana Thompson
    The charming older sister of Captain Barnabas Thompson; heiress to the Kingston Trading Company out of the Jamaica Colonies – Rank 4
  • Miss Julia Waldock 
    The eldest and most practical of the three Waldock sisters – Rank 2
  • Miss Charlotte Waldock 
    The passionate middle Waldock sister – Rank 2
  • Miss Emma Waldock 
    The youngest and most precocious of the three Waldock sisters; not yet debuted – Rank 2
  • Mr. Bruce Willoughby 
    The guileless brother of Miss Cassandra Willoughby – Rank 5
  • Miss Cassandra Willoughby 
    The exacting sister of Mr. Bruce Willoughby – Rank 4

The Hoi Polloi: Tradespeople, Dandies, Orphans, and Bastards 

in alphabetical order by surname (if applicable)

  • Miss Caroline Bennington
    A well-travelled spinster – Rank 3
  • Mr. Martin Cavill 
    An earnest lawyer (this may be an oxymoron) – Rank 2
  • Miss Fanny Clark
    An ambitious young woman of no background – Rank 1
  • Headmistress Prudence Erstwhile 
    The exacting headmistress of the prestigious Lowood School for Girls  – Rank 3
  • Mr. Alexander Hale 
    A lower-class solicitor’s apprentice and revolutionary – Rank 1
  • Hartford 
    A romantic dandy – Rank 1
  • Miss Catherine Hastings 
    The pragmatic sister of Mr. William Hastings – Rank 1
  • Mr. William Hastings 
    The hapless brother of Miss Catherine Hastings; a Navy midshipman – Rank 2
  • Kestrel 
    A dandy, swordswoman, and opera singer – Rank 2

  • Knightley
    A devious dandy – Rank 1
  • Mr. Sheridan Lancaster 
    A sickly, inquisitive bastard; half-brother of Mr. Tournelle Lancaster – Rank 3
  • Mr. Tournelle Lancaster 
    An impassioned bastard; half-brother to Mr. Sheridan Lancaster – Rank 1
  • Miss Penelope Malet
    A fanciful orphan – Rank 2
  • Miss Rosaline Paciello 
    An opera singer – Rank 2
  • Peregrine 
    An experienced dandy – Rank 2
  • Miss Sophia Steele
    A rough orphan – Rank 1
  • Doctor Hugh Wentworth 
    A kindly doctor; recently returned from years in India – Rank 3
  • Miss Isabella Wickham 
    A cunning orphan – Rank 1
  • Miss Frederica Windermere 
    An overwhelmed governess – Rank 1