Larps We Love

Larps & Larp Companies

Local (Midwest and Chicago Larp Organizations)

  • Fifth Star Productions – Her Outgrown Prophecies – “A LARP production company based in Chicago, IL. We primarily run campaign style low system games.” Chicago
  • Coddiwomple Alliance –  Auxientia – “Coddiwomple Alliance is a not-for-profit organization composed of artists eager to explore alternative, immersive, and collaborative forms of storytelling.” Chicago
  • HeadCannon Creations – Uncanny Valley – “HeadCannon Creations aim to keep prices low, make entry by beginners to LARP easier by keeping rules light, and bring more LARPs out to the Midwest area.” Minnesota


  • Sinking Ship Creations – Project Ascension, Scapegoat – “We’re Sinking Ship Creations, a company that empowers storytellers through the promotion of live-action role play (LARP) as an American art form.” New York
  • Larp Co-Op – Dammerung, Dead Legends, Malleus – “If you live anywhere near the Mid Atlantic region of the United States and you’re looking to start LARPING (Live Action Roleplay), look no further.” Pennsylvania


  • King Heron Events – Amnesty, Requiem, Lands of Exile – “We create and maintain safe, inclusive, and immersive environments where adults can play.” North Carolina


  • Peculiar Crossroads – Armistice Arcane, Prom Night ’92 – “Our vision is to create stories that will resonate not just with us but with our players — stories that cover the gamut of human, and sometimes inhuman, emotion and motivation.” Louisiana, Georgia, etc.

West Coast

  • Hanging LanternReal Royalty – “Journey deep into a tangled world of dark and twisted fairy tales.” San Francisco, CA


Larp Conventions

Local (Midwest Larp Conventions)

  • Be-Con – “We are a weekend-long LARP (live-action RPG) convention in the Chicago area. Be a GM. Be a player. Be a volunteer. Be the character at Be-Con.” – Dates pending for Fall 2023
  • Make a Scene – “Make a Scene! is a scenario festival in the Twin Cities. Join us for a weekend-long celebration of novel live-action narrative games ranging from large to small, silly to serious, and abstract to personal!” – Minneapolis, August 2023
  • Gen Con – “The best four days in gaming. Join us in Indianapolis, IN August 3-6 for Gen Con Indy 2023!”


  • InterCon – “Welcome to Intercon U, the premiere multi-genre Live Action Role Playing (LARP) convention in the world.” March 2-5, 2023: Warwick, RI


Additional Friends

  • Extra Dimensional Studios – “Extra Dimensional Studios focuses on providing bespoke, detail-oriented design services for people, events, decor, products and spaces — every project is unique.” – New York