Lies & Liability

A Regency-Era Weekend of Live-Action Roleplaying
Racine, WI

Lies & Liability returns! Join us April 12-14, 2024

Tickets are now closed for L&L, but you are welcome to join the waitlist!

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Fall Into the Regency Era

April 12-14th (Run 1) & April 19-21st (Run 2), 2024
Racine, WI

Tickets for this all-inclusive immersive 3-day event are $850. This ticket cost includes:

  • Double or triple-occupancy rooms & bedding from Friday-Sunday at Taylor Hall  – a beautiful historic dormitory style building built in 1867
  • Five fully-catered meals, Friday lunch – Sunday brunch
  • Gourmet tea, snacks, coffee, and drinks available
  • Two days of game play
  • Custom-tailored characters, involved character connections, and plots unique to each character
  • Croquet, cross-stitch, pianoforte and other period appropriate pastimes
  • A Regency ballroom dance experience on Saturday night, complete with professional called English country dancing
  • Professional photography for the event
  • Funding for scholarship tickets to keep larp accessible
  • A handmade dance card keepsake
  • Paid NPCs and staff to facilitate scenes, drama, and mayhem
  • A chance to live out your Jane Austen daydreams!

What is not included:

  • Costuming – you’re responsible for providing your own Regency-era costuming for three days of play. You may want 1-2 day outfits and one evening outfit for the ball.
  • Individual bathrooms- bathrooms are small & communal at L&L, with gendered and gender-free options.

How do sign-ups work?

In order to participate in this year’s run, you must complete a Player Survey prior to your ticket purchase. After completing the survey, you will receive a passcode that allows you to buy a ticket. Filling out the casting survey does not guarantee you a ticket, and it is not an application. Tickets will be sold first come, first serve on November 1st. In order to ‘beat’ the rush, it is recommended that you complete and submit this step as quickly as possible.

If you’re interested in participating alongside friends or comrades, we will be implementing a ‘team name’ system. (eg: I’d love to be on a team with Theodora, Edsel and Calliope, in order to keep us all together, we’ve dubbed ourselves “Team Biscuit’’ and it allows our game designers to keep us together whenever plans are being made!)

Please note we are having two runs of the same game on different weekends. This game is non sequential, the events of the 2023 run are entirely encapsulated in the 2023 run, the 2024 run will also take place in Spring 1803. Two runs simply allows us to accomodate more players!

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