Lies & Liability

April 12-14th & April 19-21st, 2024 || Racine WI

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The Setting.

The year is 1803 and Lady Elinor Davenport is throwing her yearly ball. Every eligible young lady, gentleman, and dandy will be there. However, everything isn’t what it seems, and rumors of war are stirring on the horizon.

Hidden identities, forbidden romances, intrigue, courtship, gossip, and secrets abound in this game set in Regency-era England. Build dance cards, discover mysteries, negotiate allowances, and slight old rivals. No happy ending ever did come easy. Dancing will be instructed by a professional caller. Join us for a chance to play a role in your own Jane Austen novel!

The Characters.

The focus of this game will be on providing an emotionally charged, immersive Regency experience where each character gets to be the main character of their own novel. The tone will be in keeping with Jane Austen’s novels and Bridgerton- meaning that while there will be some darker plots, scandals, and intrigue, mostly heroes will get happy endings and villains will get appropriately punished. Each character is loosely inspired by one (or more!) characters from Regency classics, ready for you to make your own.

Characters will be written and provided to players with room for custom-tailoring, complete with families, character connections, etc. Players will have a period of time where they can network online, though the goal is to have this NOT be required and entirely optional. Networking will be done through a discord server; link to be provided after ticket sales.

About the Game

Immerse yourself in the 1800’s – the language, the grandeur, the strict societal norms. Learn English Contra dances, court your beloved, be a smuggler, a dandy, a mistress, a governess. Get lost in the hedge maze, spread gossip, or marry the person of your dreams.

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Find out more about the Practical concerns of attending Lies & Liability, including our Covid-19 policies, Code of Conduct, accessibility information, directions, and when to be on-site.

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The DeKoven Center

The game will be taking place at the beautiful DeKoven Center in Racine, Wisconsin. We will have free-run of Taylor Hall with it’s dormitories, libraries, and play spaces, a large courtyard, a chapel, and more.

The DeKoven Center began as Racine College, founded and chartered in 1852. The first building was constructed that same year, now being part of the East Building paralleling Lake Michigan. It had been developed by the Episcopal Church with Bishop Jackson Kemper being a founder. Park Hall was finished in 1853 and a second building was deemed necessary, to be a “a twin to the first.” Kemper Hall was completed in the autumn of 1859. …. The Great Depression forced its closing in 1933. … Through the efforts of supporters of the historic campus and community members, the historic buildings and property of 11-acres were purchased and now function as a not-for-profit organization with a board.