Grimmoire Productions

Lies & Liability Staff

Vivien Grimm (she/sir)

Director of Grimmoire Productions

While Lies & Liability is her first independent larp of this scale, she’s written and worked on several other projects. The IDGN Award Nominated A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Toontown, Golden Cobra game Good Morning, as well as dozens of games at conventions such as InterCon, GenCon, and BeCon. She has staffed New World Magischola, Uncanny Valley, Shifting Sands, and Project Ascension. She is Communications Chair for BeCon and on the programming panel for InterCon.

Make no little plans; they have no magic to stir men’s blood.”

Jess Comstock (they/them)

Safety Coordinator, Writing, & NPC

Jess Comstock is an experienced larpwright, safety coordinator, and sensitivity editor who is fiercely invested in making space for people of color in larp. They were Director of In the Shadows, and have been a staff lead for New World Magischola, Velvet Noir, and Dammerung. They are also an illustrator at @JessiDraws and Manager of Patron Services and Box Office Strategy at Arena Stage at the Meade Center for American Theater.

Carly Smallbird (she/they) 

Writing, Marketing, Website Wizard, & NPC

Carly Smallbird (she/her) is a longtime LARPer and tabletop gamer. Getting a start in vampire LARP gave her a taste for interpersonal drama, tense politics, and life-or-death stakes in her gaming experiences. She is alternately credited as Carly Ho and has been part of leadership and running staff for the LARPs Dead City Productions, Ask Again Later, and Solace, and was a contributing writer for 7th Sea’s Khitai book.

Kelsey Morse-Brown (he/they)

Logistics & Marketing

Kelsey (he/they) is a role player, neurotically perfectionist cosplayer, amateur photographer, and jack of all crafting trades. He has over a decade of experience working pop culture conventions as both general staff and leadership, and thusly is unreasonably empowered by clipboards and has formed Strong Opinions on queue formation.

Dan O'Hanlon (he/him)

Rules & NPC

Dan O’Hanlon writes larps because no one told him he couldn’t. He is most comfortable playing ineffectual authority figures and jerk who fail upwards. He enjoys solving problems with spreadsheets and strongly believes in complexity budgets.

Ryvre Hardrick (she/they)

Logistics, Props, & NPC

Ryvre Hardrick is voted most likely to actually be a cryptid. She runs G-Mart Comics, is a crafting maniac, and is probably half-mushroom.



Daniel Dziubinski (he/him)

Props & NPC

Daniel Dziubinski is a purveyor of bleak art films, builder of copper-jawed monstrosities, and an experienced knitter. By day he manages tech, and by night he is a larper and craftsman. He hasn’t been cast as anything, but we just assume he’s playing a villain.

Ben Aldred (he/they)

Writing & NPC

Ben Aldred is an American folklorist, a neophyte novelist, a data librarian, an experienced gamemaster, a transplanted Philadelphian, a vegetarian cook, an out-of-practice musician, an incompetent gardener and the quixotic founder of Fifth Star Productions. They live in an old printing house and collect tarot t-shirts.

Paris McMillan (they/them)

Writing & NPC

Paris (they/she) is probably 3 feral cats in a sundress and definitely very happy to be here! She is a home sewist and as such always keeps That Thang on her (That Thang being a needle and thread). The majority of their Larp experience is with boffer and they tend to be a bit of a jock. They are also a classically trained vocalist and work at a non-profit that supports HBCU students. Find them doing Pisces Activities, like engaging in A:TLA discourse in 2022 and crying at the sight of kittens, and constantly changing their recital repertoire.

Orli Nativ (she/her)

Writing, Regency Consulting, & NPC

Rav Nuala (they/them)

Writing & NPC

Rav Nuala is a black, autistic creator who writes, sews, and drinks too much tea. If you find them ooc, they’ll happily chat about writers of color they’re reading, accessibility, marvel fan theories, and teaching pedagogies.

Matt Norris & Brittany Viens



We’re honored to have Matt and Brittany of M.G. Norris Photography at our event.

Chicagoland ECD Callers

We’re delighted to welcome Mady Newfield and Tammy Ravitts Bretscher of the Chicagoland ECD Callers to instruct us in Regency English Country Dance.