Player Resources

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References GoogleDoc & Confidential Resources

You can find the following here:

  • Cast List
  • Roommate Assignments
  • Discord Server Link
  • Previously Sent Emails
  • Contacts & Phone Number
  • Connections Web (Coming Soon)

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When & Where 

Playing the Game


    • Character sheet questions, narrative questions, ‘how do I play this’, costuming, etc. Anything play related.
  • | 
    • Logistics & Ticketing, contact Vivien Grimm directly
    • Safety and risk management questions or concerns. Jess Comstock & Kelsey Morse-Brown have access, no one else. 
  • ‪(773) 257-3169
    • You can call or text this number to reach Ops from Thursday afternoon onwards. In case of a life-threatening emergency, please call 911. In case of a minor emergency, you can contact the DeKoven Security Office or call this number. We will try our best to answer, even if it is after hours.

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