Grimmoire Productions

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What this game is ...

  • A Regency Era Larp.
  • Set in England in 1803, for you history buffs.
  • An immersive game, complete with set dressings and costumes. While costumes are required, strict historical accuracy is not. If it would fly for the casual observer in a period drama, it will fly here. (Except for Reign. That one doesn’t count.)
  • A chance to explore class dynamics in the early 1800s upper-class.
  • A “litform” game with precast characters, complicated character relationships, and conflicting goals.
  • True to the era as much as any period drama would be, while acknowledging its diverse history.
  • Rooted in the genre conventions and tropes of Regency era fictional works.
  • A low-risk, accepting game with rules to help players “opt-out” of scenarios they find unduly distressing or triggering while exploring the repressive, and sometimes oppressive, feeling of the Regency era.

... What this game is not

  • A Bridgerton Larp, with all the settings conceits that entails.
  • An Upstairs/Downstairs larp – no one will be playing servants here.
  • A game with boffer elements, except for strictly sanctioned duels.
  • A game about revolution, bucking social norms, or effecting grand societal change overnight.
  • A sandbox game. There are limitations to what your characters can, or will, do.
  • A game without consequences. Actions may present challenges, scandals, or concerns. As a player, you can always negotiate the consequences of your actions, but players should lean into the drama of their choices.
  • A Regency aesthetic game that ignores the oppression and biases of the era in which it is set. For more information, see “Era appropriate biases” below.
  • “Immersion above all else”- while we ask you not to use your cellphone in public spaces and try to stay in character as much as possible, this larp is not ‘what you see is what you get’, and you are encouraged to put players first.
  • A history test.

Era appropriate biases

The goal of this game is to play in the era, and it was a very gender-based, prudish society. 

Gender: Men and women were not allowed to be left alone without chaperones, particularly in this echelon of society, and virginity was expected of unmarried women. Societal roles and expectations were extremely gendered and marriage was an expected inevitability. A character is the gender they present as, for all intents and purposes of society, and this will not be questioned at all in game based on OOC player presentation.

Class: Classism will be a major theme of this game. While it is not an “upstairs, downstairs” larp, status in society will be a large part of these characters’ lives and cannot be ignored.

Race: Plot regarding race, while an important part of people’s lives in the 1800s, will be exclusively opt-in at player discretion. Otherwise, please ignore it.

Disability: Plot regarding disability will be exclusively opt-in at player discretion. Unless brought up by the player in plot, please ignore mobility or other similar aids. We will not write disabled characters into our game for abled players to play.

Sexuality: Brutal homophobia is not ever going to be a plot at this game, and there are queer characters written into it. However, society as a whole disapproves, and they must be appropriately discreet about their preferences. Games that facilitate absolutely free, expressive, beautiful palettes of gender and sexuality are incredible and some of our favorites as queer authors and larpwrights; this is not, specifically, the game for exploring that.

Out of character homophobia, transphobia, racism, sexism, ableism, etc. is not tolerated at all and will be grounds for immediate removal.