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Fall Into the Regency Era

March 31st – April 2nd, 2023
Racine, WI

Tickets for this immersive 3-day event are $650. This ticket cost includes:

  • Double or triple-occupancy rooms & bedding from Friday-Sunday at Taylor Hall  – a beautiful historic dormitory style building built in 1867
  • Five fully-catered meals, Friday lunch – Sunday brunch
  • Gourmet tea, snacks, coffee, and drinks available
  • Two days of game play
  • Custom-tailored characters, involved character connections, and plots unique to each character
  • Croquet, cross-stitch, pianoforte and other period appropriate pastimes
  • A Regency ballroom dance experience on Saturday night, complete with professional called English country dancing
  • Professional photography for the event
  • Funding for scholarship tickets to keep larp accessible
  • A handmade dance card keepsake
  • Paid NPCs and staff to facilitate scenes, drama, and mayhem
  • A chance to live out your Jane Austen daydreams!

What is not included:

  • Costuming – you’re responsible for providing your own Regency-era costuming for three days of play. You may want 1-2 day outfits and one evening outfit for the ball.

The DeKoven Center

The game will be taking place at the beautiful DeKoven Center in Racine, Wisconsin. We will have free-run of Taylor Hall with it’s dormitories, libraries, and play spaces, a large courtyard, a chapel, and more.

The DeKoven Center began as Racine College, founded and chartered in 1852. The first building was constructed that same year, now being part of the East Building paralleling Lake Michigan. It had been developed by the Episcopal Church with Bishop Jackson Kemper being a founder. Park Hall was finished in 1853 and a second building was deemed necessary, to be a “a twin to the first.” Kemper Hall was completed in the autumn of 1859. …. The Great Depression forced its closing in 1933. … Through the efforts of supporters of the historic campus and community members, the historic buildings and property of 11-acres were purchased and now function as a not-for-profit organization with a board.


Where does your ticket price go?

Your ticket cost primarily covers room & board for players and staff. It also assists with paying for scholarship tickets for other larpers who may have financial need, the rental of the ballroom and the dance instructor, stipends for the staff & NPCs, and professional photography for the larp. “Writing” includes character sheets and narrative direction payout.

We attempt to be as transparent as possible with our costs and payments, as well as providing compensation to staff & NPCs. If you have any questions, please contact us.


Want to play, but can’t afford it?

Email us at

All you need to do is ask for a scholarship ticket and what your need is – no need to convince us! Full ($650), half ($325), or partial ($100). We will award scholarships as we are able.